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In Payvand

2015.  Valentine’s Day  

2013.  Razor and Bone

2013.  Tik Tak  

Other activities in Theatre

2013. Caprices Dead Orchestra (Mahmoud Reza Rahimi) [Video Assistant] | 2012. Caprices Dead Orchestra (Mahmoud Reza Rahimi) [Video Assistant] | 2010. Swallows Migrate  in Winter to the Tropical Lands and in Summer Migrate to the Cold Lands (Erfan Pahlevani) [Composer] | 2010. The Good Doctor (Ardalan Maneshi) [Alto Sax. Player] | 2010. Maghtal (Mahmoud Reza Rahimi) [Alto Sax. Player] | 2010. The Day of Beloved Dead (Ashkan Jenabi) [Composer, Alto Sax. Player]

Film and TV

2015. Nineveh (Emmsen Jafari) [Experimental Film] [Actress] | 2015. Valentine’s Day (Manijeh Mohamedi) [Tele-Theater] [Cameraman] | 2015. Half of Azar Nightmare (Ali Keshvari) [Tele-Theater] [Cameraman] | 2014. Italia Italia (Ali Farshchi) [Short Film] [Alto Sax. Player] | 2013. Razor and Bone (Manijeh Mohamedi) [Tele-Theater] [Cameraman] | 2012. Caprices Dead Orchestra [Teaser] [Composer] | 2012. Tik Tak (Arsham Moaddabian) [Tele-Theater] [Cameraman, Editor] | 2012. Two Timed Souls (Arsham Moaddabian) [Tele-Theater] [Cameraman, Editor] | 2011. Mansour Nariman: Iranian Radif Music for Oud [Documentary] [Director with Emmsen Jafari] | 2011. Nazm-o Nasr [Concert] [Cameraman, Editor] | 2008. The Room [Short Film] [Director] | 2009. The Planet of Mind [Short Film] [Director] | 2009. The Bridge [Short Film] [Director] | 2006. Dana and Mana Asking (Masoud Amini Tirani) [Video] [Singer, Instrumentalist]


Born on 1991, Tehran, Iran

Musician, Video Designer